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Company General


  • The General tab houses the company and payroll administrator's information. If the administrator changes, this data needs to be updated so TRAXPayroll's team knows who to contact.

Company Information

  1. Menu: Company>General
  2. Enter the legal company name on file with the Internal Revenue Service.
  3. If a trade name is used, enter it in the Doing Business As (DBA) field.
  4. The Employer Identification Number (EIN) must match exactly what the Internal Revenue Service assigned to your company.
  5. The effective date is automatically populated with the date you entered your information into TRAXPayroll.

Contact Information

  1. Enter the person who should be contacted by TRAXPayroll's team with payroll related issues.
  2. If the main contact person changes, be sure to update this information.

Location Information

  1. Company and Employee addresses are validated with the United States Postal Service (USPS) database.
  2. Addresses are associated with location codes that are used to determine the appropriate payroll taxes.
  3. A message may come up when entering an address that it is invalid. Often a suggested address is given that is recognized by the USPS. If no suggested address is listed, contact us for assistance.


  1. Allow Employee Email turns on emailing of employees on pay day. If the employee is marked to receive emails and has a valid email address in TRAXPayroll, they will be emailed on pay day to login and view their pay stub.
  2. Allow Unapproved Timecard Email sends managers an email reminder that they have not approved their employees' time for the payroll period.
  3. Require Secret Question: When this is activated, employees must set up secret questions around their login. If they forget their username or password, they will be prompted with their secret questions.

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