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Time Sheet View Activity - Manager


  • The View Activity page lists all hours entered by employees assigned to you.
  • Hours for the current day are shown but any time frame can be entered using the Search function.
  • Each shift is shown and can be edited or deleted as needed.
  • Punches and Time Off records can be added.
  • IP addresses are listed showing where the punches originated.
  • IP addresses can be restricted to prevent employees punching in from unapproved locations.

View Activity

  1. Menu: Time Sheet>View Activity
  2. To view punches for prior days, enter criteria needed and click the Search button.
  3. Click the Edit or Delete links to modify or remove shifts.
  4. Click the Add Punch link to enter hours for employees.
  5. Click the Add Time Off link to enter Time Off for employees.

What's Next

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