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Time Sheet Assign Work Schedule - Manager


*Employees are assigned to work schedules to track their hours.

  • A variety of roles are available to allow employees different permissions.
  • If 'Manager' is included in an employee's role, they can be assigned to approve other employees' time sheets.

Assign Work Schedule

  1. Menu: Time Sheet>Assign Work Schedule
  2. Select the schedule from the drop down.
  3. Roles are defaulted to 'Paystub Only'.
  4. If the employee will be using Time Sheet, select the appropriate role.
  5. Select a Manager and Alternate Manager if applicable.
  6. 'Send Welcome Email' will send the employee a link and their login information to the Time Card web site to login if they have not logged into TRAXPayroll previously.
  7. 'Allow Time Sheet Entry' changes the way time is entered from punching in and out to keying in their time.
  8. 'Allow Time Sheet Auto Fill' allows the employee to click a button that automatically fills in their shift hours based on their work schedule.
  9. 'Send Unapproved Reminder Email' will email the manager if they have not approved their employees' time sheets for payroll.
  10. Click the Save button.

What's Next

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