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Time Sheet Manage Hour Benefits - Manager


  • Time off hours can be added to employees in bulk.
  • Search criteria is available to get the correct employee list.
  • Hours added need to be approved to pull into payroll.

Manage Hour Benefits

  1. Menu: Time Sheet>Manage Hour Benefits
  2. If needed, enter the criteria to get a specific employee list and click the Search button.

  1. Enter the date for the time off.
  2. Employees with hours already entered for that date will be listed along with the hour type entered. You can edit the entry if needed or not include the employee in the hours addition so the hours are not doubled.
  3. Select the hour type from the drop down.
  4. Enter the number of hours to be applied to the employees.
  5. Enter a note if desired.
  6. Select the employees you wish to apply hours to. Click 'Select All' to include all employees.
  7. Click the 'Save Changes' button to apply the hours to the employees.

  1. The hours will be listed next to each employee.
  2. If hours are added to employees that already entered hours, they will be listed with a Count >1 and their hours will be higher than the number you entered.
  3. Records can be edited if needed using the Edit link.
  4. These hours will need to be approved in the Approve Time Log tab.

What's Next

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