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Payroll Center Upload Extra Pay


  • Employee wages such as bonuses, commissions and expenses can be uploaded to the Payroll Center using a file.
  • A specific file format must be used.
  • The wage types must be added to your account for uploading by a TRAXPayroll team member.
  • Once uploaded, the wages will attach to the payroll in the Payroll Center.

File Format

  1. Menu: Payroll Center>Upload Extra Pay
  2. Employees are identified in the file by either Employee Number, Employee ID or SSN.
  3. Select the option by clicking the down arrow.
  4. Click the 'Upload Specifications' link to view the file format required.

Select File

  1. Click the 'Choose File' button to navigate to your file and select it.
  2. Here is a sample file.

What's Next

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