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Time Sheet Rounding Rules - Manager


  • The Department of Labor allows for two methods of rounding time entries.
  • Quarter Hour Rounding
  • 1/10 Hour Rounding

Hour Rounding Rules

  1. Menu: Time Sheet>Work Schedule
  2. Quarter Hour rounding: Quarter hour rounding applies to every 15 minute increment on the clock - 0, 15, 30, and 45.
  3. Employees clocking in/out 1 to 7 minutes before the hour, or 1 to 7 minutes after the hour would have his/her entry rounded to the top of the hour.
  4. Example: If an employee clocked in at 2:54 PM the system would round the entry up to 3:00 PM. Conversely, if the employee clocked in at 3:06 PM, the system would round the entry back to 3:00 PM.

What's Next

  • 1/10 Hour Rounding
  • Five Minute Rule

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