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Payroll Center Upload Extra Pay Review


  • Once uploaded, correct any errors shown.
  • Review and finalize.
  • The wages will be attached to the corresponding payroll in the Payroll Center.

Correct Errors

  1. Menu: Payroll Center>Upload Extra Pay
  2. The pay types in the file must be mapped to the pay types in TRAXPayroll.
  3. Click 'Edit Pay Type' to reveal the mapping options.

Map Pay Types

  1. Click Edit for the record missing the Pay Type Code.
  2. Enter the corresponding pay type code from the file.
  3. If the pay type is not listed, contact a TRAXPayroll team member to add it to your account.
  4. Click 'Update to apply the changes.
  5. If there are records listed without any data, the file has blank rows in it.
  6. Check the record count in the upload screen and delete at least that many rows in the file below the valid data and re-upload.

What's Next

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