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Company Bank


  • The Company Bank tab lists the account that is set up for payroll processing.
  • Debits to fund payroll occur one business day prior to the pay date.
  • Multiple bank accounts can be used for different Pay Groups.
  • Wire option is available for funding payroll instead of debit if needed.

Company Bank

  1. Menu: Company>Bank
  2. The company bank is setup when signing up with TRAXPayroll.
  3. A voided check or bank letter is needed to submit to our financial institution to verify the account.
  4. The bank account is verified with our financial institution prior to running your first payroll.
  5. Bank accounts can be set up per Pay Group, so you can have multiple accounts if needed.

Note: If you need to change banks, please contact us as we'll need to verify the new bank account before it can be used for payroll.

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