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Payroll FAQ

  • Do you handle Garnishments?
    • Yes, Garnishments are listed on the Ancillary Fee Report and can be found in the price quote. Garnishments are a per payroll cost if you want TRAXPayroll to collect and remit the funds. Some clients will set up a garnishment processing fee deduction to pass the cost back to the employee.

  • Do you Print Checks?
    • No, We are a green company and do not print any checks. We do work with a company that can do the printing of their checks but there is an added cost to this. In today's world, everything is paperless and we want to remain as Green as possible and not take on the liability of having your check stock in our offices. So we offer the client the ability to print checks on site directly from the system. It's simple and it is instant. They don't have to wait for a packet to arrive and they don't have to pay for shipping and postage.

  • What if someone does NOT have Direct Deposit?
    • You can use a pay card instead of a direct deposit account. We do not offer pay cards, but we work with a vendor called SOLE Pay Cards that you can get discounted pricing or you may want to check with your company bank.

  • Does the system adjust for salary employees who term or start within the pay period?
    • No, it will be a manual calculation and edited in the first step of payroll.

  • What Workers Comp Carriers do you work with?
    • We have WC Premium Estimate Reports you can use to help report your payroll to any carrier. We can do the Pay As You Go option with Amtrust, Hartford or Travelers.

  • Do you integrate with Quickbooks or other accounting software programs?
    • We can build custom GL reports for Quickbooks in the .iif file or any other accounting software. You can download the custom report and upload directly into Quickbooks to book your accounting. Quickbooks online requires a third party upload tool in order for it to work.

  • Does TRAX push out the 401k deferrals to 401k vendors?
    • TRAX can send custom contribution reports to any 401k vendor as long as they except electronic file feeds.

  • Does TRAXPayroll work with pre-tax administrators (FSA, transit, commuter, dependent care)?
    • No, but you can setup uncollected deductions for all of these and then pull contribution reports for them after you approve payroll.

  • Can TRAX handle Roth and catch-up 401K deferrals in addition to the regular deferrals?
    • Yes. you can add a 401K Catch-Up deduction and set the max contribution to $6k or you can change the specific employee's 401K from $18k to $24k for max contribution.

  • Does TRAX work in all Browsers?
    • Yes, we can also look down access to specific IP addresses if needed.

  • If an employee gets a pay increase during the pay period will the system re-calculate the salary based on the number of days at the old and new rates?
    • No, the system only calculates the per pay period salary for each pay cycle. You would manually calculate it and change it in step one of the payroll.

  • Does the system allow to designate one state or another (or both) to withhold state payroll taxes?
    • You can designate which state taxes are paid out of. An employee can only be assigned to one state per pay period.

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