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Setting Up an Additional EIN

How to setup an additional EIN

Setting up an additional EIN is the same process as starting a new company. Once you go through the process of signing up the new company we can give your admins a third party login so they can toggle between EIN’s quickly.
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What's Next

  1. Fill out the Price Quote Request Form.
  2. Under the comments section of the Price Quote Request Form be sure to include that you are adding on this additional EIN and that you are a current client of TRAX.
  3. A Sales Executive at TRAXPayroll will send you the quote for the new EIN and an Access Code you can use to sign up the new company.
  4. Click here to sign up: Sign Up Now, this is where you will be able to enter in the new Access code and go through the signup process.
  5. You have to go through the signup process for each EIN.
  6. If you have multiple EIN’s to sign up you can use the same Access Code to sign up each one of them.
  7. Your implementation team will contact you in a couple days after you have started the signup for additional information and provide the next steps to finalize your accounts.

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