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TRAXBenefits FAQ

  • Does TRAXBenefits sell Benefits?
    • No, TRAXPayroll works with your brokers to make the Benefit Enrollment paperless and web based.

  • How long has TRAXPayroll been doing Benefit Administration?
    • Since 1997. We have built other proprietary enrollment systems for national brokerage firms as well as have been using our own system.

  • What if our premium rates are based on age at the time of enrollment for both employee and dependents?
    • Our system can only handle Composite Rates or Age Banded at the Employee Level only. If the client is small group with age banded rates at the dependent level, then we recommend the client use composite rates for the employee cost to cover the age banded costs.

  • Will the system send enrollment information to the broker, not just the carriers?
    • We have notifications that can be sent to the broker (or any admin user assigned to the system) and the broker can log in and access the reports.

  • Will we be able to save enrollment/change documents in the employee files in Bamboo?
    • The system will not automatically save any documents to BambooHR, but you can save the documents and upload them to BambooHR if needed. We recommend turning off the "Benefits" tab in BambooHR if you are using TRAXBenefits.

  • Does TRAXPayroll send out notifications to new hires to elect benefits?
    • If you are using TRAXBenefits, yes, we have a notification process for different Life Events.

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