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Payroll Center - Deduction/Garnishment Correction


  • One-time adjustments can be entered during payroll to correct employee deductions and garnishments.
  • Adjustments to deductions will correct the YTD amount taken and adjust the taxes accordingly.

Override Amount

  1. Menu: Payroll Center>Step 2>Edit
  2. Override Amounts will be taken in the payroll run instead of the usual deduction amount.
  3. Enter the amount to be adjusted that includes the current payroll deduction.
  4. If a deduction has been over-collected, enter a negative amount in the Override Amount field.
    That will reduce the YTD amount taken and correct the taxes if needed. The remaining amount will go into the employee's net pay.
  5. Collectible deductions such as garnishments are not allowed to be reversed.
  6. Click the Save button.

What's Next

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