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Payroll Center - Get Uploaded Hours


  • After the file is uploaded, it will be under the 'Confirmed' radio button option.
  • Files can be reviewed or deleted before using them in payroll.
  • The hours are pulled into Step 1 of the Payroll Center.

Hour Benefits

  1. Menu: Payroll Center>Step 1
  2. Employees with hour benefits in the upload file that do not have active hour benefit records will be listed in Step 1.
  3. Click the Action button to apply the benefits as needed.
  4. If the hour benefit exists on their record but is inactive, it will jump you to their Employee Hour Benefit page to update it.
  5. If the hour benefit does not exist, you will be able to add it in the Payroll Center.
  6. The employee can also be removed from the payroll run.

Pull Hours into Payroll

  1. Click the 'Get Uploaded Hours' button.
  2. Hours will be populated in Step 1.

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