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Payroll Center Global Update


  • Changes to some items can be made to an entire payroll run.
  • The changes are for the current payroll only.
  • The changes do not affect the employee's permanent record.

Step 2

  1. Menu: Payroll Center>Step 2
  2. Click the Global Update button.

Global Update

  1. Menu: Payroll Center>Step 2>Global Update
  2. If employees have recurring pay on their wage records, such as expense reimbursements, it can be removed for the payroll run.
  3. The payroll can be set to paper checks for all employees.
  4. The tax frequency of the payroll run can be adjusted from the normal pay period taxing schedule.
    For example, you can set the frequency to be quarter or annual.
  5. Federal income tax can be set to a flat percentage for all employees, such as 22% for the supplemental pay rate.
  6. Deductions, garnishments, and hour benefits can be suppressed.
  7. Once the options are selected, click the button to the right to apply them.
  8. A confirmation box will pop-up.
  9. Click the Close button to return to Step 2.

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