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Company Pay Group


  • Pay Groups are used to set up payroll period frequencies and their associated pay dates.
  • They can be created for bi-weekly, semi-monthly, weekly, etc. periods.
  • Once pay groups are created, you can preview the payrolls and edit them if needed.
  • Multiple pay groups can be added to accommodate different pay schedules or break large employee groups into more manageable sizes for running payroll.

Add Pay Group

  1. Menu: Company Pay Group
  2. Click the Add Pay Group button.
  3. Select your payroll frequency from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter a description.
  5. The Start Date defaults to today. The Pay Group won't be used until employees are assigned to it.
  6. The end date is used when the pay group is no longer being used.
  7. Email Reminder Days is the number of days in advance of the payroll due date that email reminders will be sent to payroll administrators that are set to receive them.
  8. Companies that are using jobs for time sheet tracking can opt to have the job listed as a text box instead of a drop down in the Payroll Center. This speeds up the payroll process.
  9. Show Extra Pay Details adds a separate section on employees' Earning Statements to list Extra Pay.
  10. Hours are estimated for Salaried employees. Estimated hours can be overwritten or not used. Click here to learn about Estimated Hours.
  11. The External Pay Group ID is used for companies that are using an HR vendor that partners with TRAXPayroll. This connects the pay groups between the HR and TRAX systems.
  12. Pay stubs for future pay dates can be posted for employees to view prior to the pay date if desired.

Check Configuration

  1. TRAXPayroll allows you to print employee pay stubs onto your company check stock.
  2. Select the position of the check on the check stock.
  3. There are a variety of fields and labels that can be shown on the check depending on your company's check stock.
  4. Descriptions next to each option show where the fields will be shown on the check.
  5. Show Dollar Description Lines creates lines above and below the dollar description.
  6. Show Pay Amount Box creates a box around the Pay Amount.

Time Card

  1. The Time Card section is used for companies that are using the time keeping module of TRAXPayroll. Employees can be set to punch in and out or key in their time. Manual Entry Type sets how the data is entered.
  2. Payroll administrators can set the number of days prior to the payroll due date if they want to receive email reminders of unapproved time sheets.
  3. 'Allow Future Manual Punch' lets employees key their time in advance.
  4. Allow Partial Manual Punch' lets employees enter incomplete shifts.
  5. Employee hours can be imported from other time keeping systems.
  6. Time Off can be imported from other time keeping systems.
  7. Importing can be done per pay group, so employees in other pay groups can use TRAXTimeCard system.
  8. Up to three Signature lines can be added to time sheet reports for employees and managers to verify their time.
  9. Click the Next button.

Pay Cycles

  1. TRAXPayroll will ask questions about your pay schedule to determine pay periods and pay dates.
  2. The questions differ based on the period frequency.
  3. Click the Generate button to create the payroll cycles.
  4. Once the payrolls are generated, you can preview or Edit them as needed.

What's Next

Edit Pay Group

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