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Flock Integration

How TRAXPayroll works with Flock

Flock integrates seamlessly through the API with TRAXPayroll sending employee information and deductions directly into TRAXPayroll and sending paystub information directly to Flock. This allows you to keep your employee data as the master record within Flock, but track time and attendance and run payroll in TRAXPayroll.

Video demonstration How Integration works with Flock

TRAXPayroll Implementation Process with Flock Integration

  • Below are the next steps, sign-up instructions, and what data you will need to start gathering that will need to be loaded to TRAX.
  • It is important to have ALL of your data in Flock first before we pull any data over.

Next Steps

  • Next step is to sign up for TRAXPayroll. You can sign up at any time, as we do not charge you anything until you run and approve your first payroll.
  • We need at least 15 business days to get you implemented on the system before you can run and approve your first payroll out of TRAX.
  • All payrolls are due 2 days before pay date.

Sign-up Instructions

  • Click here to sign up: Sign Up Now. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Click here to sign up" green link.
  • You'll need your Access Code: XXXXXXXXX and the below information to complete the sign-up:
  • Need an Access Code? Contact

Company Information Needed

  • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) from the IRS: Required for registering exact legal name and ID Number in order to pay taxes on your behalf. View examples of acceptable proof: 940, 941, W9 or SS4 application.
  • State and Local Income Tax ID Numbers: Required for making appropriate tax payments.
  • State Unemployment Insurance(SUI) ID Number and Rate: Required from each state where business operates for making appropriate tax payments. (i.e., Tax Rate Change Notice, recent State Return, letter from the state.
  • Company Payroll Banking Information: Required for payroll services, must include bank name, account number and routing number.
  • Regular Payroll Schedule

Here are the steps to complete the TRAXPayroll implementation with Flock Integration

  • Welcome Documents - Once the TRAXPayroll account has been setup, print out the forms at the end of the setup, complete and send to TRAXPayroll. That starts the implementation process and an implementation team member will start working on finalizing the new TRAXPayroll account and contact the client if needed.

  • Adding Employees - Once employees are loaded into Flock, TRAXPayroll will then reach out to Flock to start the connectivity steps and then we will pull through all the employee indicative data, wage data, company deductions, and employee deductions.

  • Data File - Once the employees are loaded into TRAX we will need additional information that does not flow in from Flock. Those items include demographics (Branch, Department, Division, Class), additional deductions outside of the insurance deductions (i.e. child support, garnishments & 401k) and W4 withholding data.

  • YTD Wages – Once the employee setup is complete, we will need your YTD wage reports for all employees including terminated employees. We need summed wages, employee taxes, employer taxes and deductions.

  • Training – Once the implementation is complete a TRAX team member will setup a time to review and walk you through processing your first payroll.

Further questions

  • Contact TRAXPayroll Customer Support:
  • Phone Number: 866-872-9123
  • Email: