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Washington State Worker Comp


  • Washington Worker Comp has both employee and employer rates associated to it and is a tax that can be calculated through payroll.
  • TRAXPayroll can file and pay Washington Worker Comp premiums on your company's behalf.

Worker Comp

  1. Menu: Company>Worker Comp
  2. Employee and Employer rates can be entered to calculate the premium.
  3. Some companies choose to pay the premium without charging the employees.
  4. In this situation, leave the Employee Rate as zero and enter the full hourly amount in the Employer Rate.
  5. Premiums are calculated by multiplying the rates by the hours entered in payroll.
  6. Estimated hours are used for salaried employees.
  7. Time off hours are not included for the calculation.

  1. Employees must be set to work in Washington.
  2. The Worker Comp code must be selected in the Employee/General tab for the calculation to work in payroll.

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