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Expense Management System


TRAXPayroll can turn on or off the Employee Expense Management Module, where employees can enter in their own expense reimbursements and Managers or Payroll Admins can approve them prior to running payroll.

Expense Reimbursement Options

All are provided at no additional cost.
  • Employee - Allow the employees to enter their own expense reimbursements and then you as the payroll admin can approve/edit/delete them prior to running payroll.
  • Payroll Admin - If you are using an outside vendor to manages expenses, you can use our upload additional pay option with a spreadsheet.
  • Payroll Admin - Key in additional pay using Step 2 of payroll

Employee Expense/Additional Pay Module Steps

  1. Employee's Click the Add Additional Pay button.
    Employee Dashboard Additional Pay/Expense Tab
  2. The employee enters in the Data:
    Employee Instructions
  • Post Date - (the date must be within a current-active or future pay cycle start and end dates for the pay date that they want the expense to be reimbursed.
  • Pay Type - (such as Expense or Cell Phone Reimbursement or Mileage Reimbursement Etc.)
  • Amount - to be reimbursed or paid.
  • Job - if using Job Tracking.
  • Choose File - upload a receipt or other .pdf document supporting the amount to be paid out.
  • Click Save
    Edit or Delete the entry prior to being approved

What's Next

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