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  • The homepage of TRAXPayroll lists information pertinent to your company.
  • TRAX posts informational bulletins of notices and changes for clients to review.
  • Upcoming employee birthdays, anniversaries, and review dates are listed.
  • Events are shown that need the company's attention. These include informational events and errors that need to be corrected.


  1. Menu: TRAXPayroll>Home
  2. Bulletins may be listed with pertinent updates.
  3. Employee birthdays in the next 30 days are listed for your information.
  4. Employee anniversaries in the next 30 days are listed for your information.
  5. Annual reviews in the next 30 days are listed based on the 'Review Date' entered on employees in their General tab.
  6. Events list issues with data in TRAXPayroll. There may be events related to Social Security Numbers, birth dates, ages, etc.
  7. Click on the 'View' link of an event. It will jump you to the Employee tab to review and correct the data as needed.
  8. The employees with that event will be filtered in the Employee list.

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