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Employee Bulk Edit


  • A feature in TRAXPayroll is available so employee data can be updated in bulk.
  • Multiple employees can be selected along with fields that can be be updated for each employee individually or as a group.
  • This feature must be activated for your company by the TRAXPayroll team.

Employee Bulk Edit

  1. Menu: Employee
  2. Click the Bulk Edit button below the Search bar.

  1. Select the employees.
  2. Use the arrow keys to move them to and from the list.
  3. Click the Next button.

  1. Select if the data will be updated on individual employees or in bulk for all employees.
  2. Individually will list the employees and fields selected and allow the fields to be updated separately for each employee.
  3. Bulk will update the fields for all employees to the same value.
  4. Select the fields to be updated.
  5. Use the arrow keys to move them to and from the list.
  6. Click the Next button.

  1. Employees can be removed from the list using the Action button.
  2. Enter the data for each employee or once if the bulk option was selected.
  3. Click the Update and Confirm button.

  1. Employees will be listed with the updated data.
  2. Click the 'Return to Bulk Edit' button.
  3. Navigate to the TRAXPayroll page needed.

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