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Employee Hour Benefit Summary


  • Hour benefit totals, history and adjustments are listed on the Summary page.
  • Adjustments can be added, pending adjustments can be edited or removed, and posted amounts reversed.


  1. Menu: Employee Hour Benefit>View/Modify Details>Summary
  2. Change the hour benefit selection by clicking the drop-down menu next to the hour type.
  3. The summary section lists current totals and totals that include pending amounts.
  4. To add one-time credits and debits, click the 'Manage Adjustments' button.
  5. Click the Action button to edit or remove pending adjustments.
  6. Click the Action button to reverse posted hours. This will create a pending hour adjustment record.
  7. Pending hours will post on the employee's next payroll run.

Summary Without Balance

  1. Hour benefits that are set to not show balances do not have Beginning or Ending Balances in the Summary section.

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