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Company IP Restrictions - Add


  • IP restrictions can be added so payroll administrators and employees are required to login from only certain computers.
  • These restrictions can be used for both Payroll and Time Card logins.

Add IP Restriction

  1. Menu: Company>IP Restrictions
  2. Check the box to limit the IP addresses for Employer or Employee logins to Payroll.
  3. Check the 'Send Email IP Address Outside Range' box to send an email to the user when an attempt is made to login from a restricted IP. This can be used to notify the user if someone else is trying to login as them.
  4. To allow new admins or employees added to TRAXPayroll to login from any computer, check the 'All IPs Allowed for New' checkboxes.
  5. This will automatically add them to the Login Exceptions lists.
  6. Click the 'Add IP Address' button.
  7. To add the IP you are currently using, click the 'Add Your Current IP' button.
  8. Click the Action button to disable or delete IPs.

Add Single IP or Range

  1. The selection defaults to entering a Single IP. Click the Range radio button to enter a span of IP addresses.
  2. Enter the IP address or range.
  3. Click the Save button.

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