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Reports - Audit Trail


  • Changes made to data in TRAXPayroll can be logged and shown to payroll admins.
  • Not all data fields are currently being logged. TRAX will be adding additional fields over time.
  • This feature must be activated for your company by the TRAXPayroll team.

Audit Trail

  1. Menu: Reports>Audit Trail
  2. Search options are available to narrow down the results if needed.
  3. Records are shown in descending order with the date and time of the addition or change.
  4. The person who made the additon or change is listed in the header. This includes changes made by TRAXPayroll staff.
  5. Additions to TRAXPayroll will show a record was added.
  6. Edited records list the data fields and names along with the old and new values.
  7. Click the 'Show Changes' link to expand the information.
  8. Click the 'Hide' link to view less of the information.

What's Next

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