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  • A variety of search options are available to narrow down the employee list if needed.
  • Double-click the header or click the down arrow to reveal the search options.
  • The search page lists some basic data elements for each employee in the list:
  • SSN, state work fields, wage type and amount, etc. Click on the employee's name to see their full record.
  • Click the 'Add Employee' button to enter new employees. You will be taken through each section and asked all the pertinent questions needed to set them up in TRAXPayroll.
  • The 'Password Reset' and 'Send Test Email' buttons easily allow these actions for one employee or a group of employees.
  • The Bulk Edit option allows employee data to be updated on one or multiple employees simultaneously.
  • The Resume report has all the employee's information in one place. It can be run for one employee or all.
  • If you're using TRAXBenefits, you can enroll employees in the company benefit plans using the 'Enroll in Benefits' link.
  • Payroll administrators can login as employees to the Payroll and Time Card websites to see what employees experience when they log in.

What's Next

The following items are available once you click into an employee's record:

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