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Employee General


  • The General tab includes basic information about the employee.

Employee General

  1. Menu: Employee/General
  2. Asterisks designate required fields.
  3. Admins can send an email with a link for the employee to reset their password.
  4. If they are having trouble receiving emails, send them a test email.
  5. The Terminate Plans button is used when companies are using TRAXBenefits.
  6. This will put an end date on all the employee's plans based on the termination date entered.
  7. 'Allow Login' controls whether or not the employee can log in to TRAXPayroll's web site.
  8. 'Include in Payroll' determines if the employee will be included in payroll runs.
  9. Terminated employees who are marked to be included will show up in the run with a term date next to their name.
  10. All employees are assigned to Pay Groups. Pay Groups set the pay schedule: semi-monthly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.
  11. Employee Tax Type designates the type of employee as: Standard, 2% Shareholder or 1099. Taxes are calculated accordingly based on this.
  12. Worker Comp rates can be entered at the company level and assigned to employees for estimating premiums.

  1. If a Review Date is entered, the employee will be listed on the Home page 30 days prior to that date as a reminder.
  2. Payroll administrators can view the employee's user name to assist them with logging into TRAXPayroll.
  3. The username defaults to the employee's last name and last four digits of their Social Security Number.
  4. Addresses in TRAXPayroll are verified with USPS.
  5. If there is an error when adding an address, a suggested address may be listed.
  6. Enter the suggested address for the employee as it is based on USPS's database and will be accepted by TRAXPayroll.
  7. The location code is derived from the employee's address.
  8. Location codes are used to determine the applicable taxes.
  9. Work schedules, managers and login roles are set in the Time Sheet section.
  10. Send Welcome Email will send the employee their login information for Time Sheet early the next day.
  11. Check the box to Allow Timesheet Entry if employees key in their time instead of punching in and out.
  12. The Auto Fill option will populate the hours based on the work schedule.
  13. Check the box for unapproved reminder to email managers to approve hours on their employees prior to the period end.
  14. Custom Fields can be used for reporting.
  15. The person who created the record and who updated it most recently will be shown in the User Details section.

  1. COBRA information is populated if using TRAXBenefits enrollment system.
  2. Date changes are listed in the Employee Change Log section. They can be updated or removed as needed.

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