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Employee Wage


  • Wages have date-effectiveness to preserve historical data.
  • Wages active as of the payroll date will be used in payroll.
  • Multiple wages can be used for job tracking purposes.
  • If there is an existing wage record, it will automatically add an end date to the previous record.
  • Wage changes during a pay period must be calculated manually and entered in Step 1 of the Payroll Center.
  • TRAXPayroll does not assume wages paid.

Add Wage

  1. Menu: Employee>Wage
  2. Click the 'Add Wage' button to enter a wage record.

  1. The Wage Start Date defaults to today's date. Update it as needed.
  2. The wage(s) that are active as of the payroll date will pull into the Payroll Center.
  3. Non Exempt employees can have Overtime and Other Rates entered.
  4. Recurring extra wages can be added to employees so they pull into the Payroll Center automatically each payroll. Up to three recurring wages can be added per employee.
  5. Click the 'Save' button.

Edit Wage

  1. Menu: Employee>Wage>Edit
  2. Editing wages updates the current wage record.
  3. Click the Action button next to the wage to make changes.
  4. Select the applicable item from the list.
  5. For the 'Make change' option, update the data and click the Save button.
  6. The 'Void' option will enter an End Date on the record one day prior to the Start Date.
  7. If a record was added in error and has not been used in payroll, it may be removed completely.

  1. For the Make Change option:
  2. Update the necessary information.
  3. Click the Save button.

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