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Employee Hour Benefits


  • Hour Benefits are used for paying and tracking hours worked and time off.
  • Accruals can be set up each pay period and capped at specified maximums.
  • Hour benefits can be shown on employees' pay stubs.
  • TRAXPayroll's Time Off Approval system allows employees to put in requests for time off for managers to approve or deny.
  • They must be added at the Company level before they can be entered on employees.
  • Reports are available by Pay Cycle and Date Range of hour benefits accrued and used.

Hour Benefits

  1. Menu: Employee>Select Employee>Hour Benefits
  2. Hour Benefits entered at the Company level will be listed.
  3. Each Hour Benefit will show whether it is active or not.

Hour Benefits Without Balance

  1. Hour benefits that are set to not show balances do not have
  2. Available Balances listed.

Activate Hour Benefit

  1. Click the Action button next to the disabled Hour Benefit.
  2. If a template exists in the Company tab, the Hour Benefit can be activated using the template.
  3. A single benefit record can be added if no template is used.
  4. The Non-Company Template option will add benefit records based on the company template, but the records are not associated to it. If a change is made to the company template, it will not be reflected on the employee records.

  1. If no template has been created at the company level, the benefit can just be turned on.
  2. Select the date option you want.

  1. For accrual type benefits, additional information is needed.
  2. Enter the Annual Benefit in hours, if any. This is the number of hours earned per year.
  3. Hour Earned Type can be set to Pay Cycle or Hours Worked.
  4. Enter the accrual in hours.
  5. If hours are earned per hour worked, Overtime and Other (Double Time) hours can be included towards the accrual.
  6. The Maximum Balance to Accrue is the number of hours that should not be exceeded. This number crosses years and is the maximum number of hours the employee can receive.
  7. Accrues and Caps Annually means the accrual starts over each year, so the Maximum Balance to Accrue can be exceeded if the box is checked.

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