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Employee Bank


  • Employees can be setup to receive paper checks and/or direct deposits.
  • Multiple accounts are allowed.
  • If employees have multiple bank accounts, net pay can be sent to one account within a payroll run.
  • Employees can be set to receive paper checks instead of direct deposit within a payroll run.

Add Bank

  1. Menu: Employee>Bank
  2. Click the 'Add Bank' button.
  3. To change a paper check to a direct deposit, click the Action button and select 'Add New/End Existing' to enter the bank information.

  1. Select the Account Type: Checking, Savings, or Paper Check.
  2. Enter the Routing Number.
  3. Change Account Number automatically defaults to Yes.
  4. Enter the Account Number.
  5. Re-enter the Account Number.
  6. The Start Date defaults to today's date. Update it if needed. #The Start Date must be active as of the Pay Date to be in effect.
  7. End Date is used to terminate bank accounts.
  8. Select the Calculation Type. Balance will put the remaining net pay into the account. All employees must have a Balance bank record.
  9. Flat dollar amounts or percentages of net pay can be sent to additional bank accounts.
  10. Click the Save button.

What's Next

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