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Reports Date Range


  • A variety of payroll reports are available.
  • PDF reports can be sorted by Demographics.
  • Reports are in Adobe PDF or Excel formats.

Date Range Reports

  1. Menu: Reports>Date Range
  2. Select the Pay Group from the drop down menu if applicable.
  3. The year defaults to the current year, change it if necessary.
  4. Select the Period from the drop-down menu or enter dates and click the Apply Custom Dates button.

  1. Reports are run by pay date, not period dates.
  2. Pay Stubs can be sorted by Paper Checks or Direct Deposits.
  3. PDF reports can be sorted by Branch, Class, Department, or Division.
  4. Complete Summary reports include the majority of data from the payroll.
  5. Wage & Hours reports are available for clients using job tracking.

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