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Payroll Center Run Payroll


  • Payroll runs are done in the Payroll Center using an easy three-step process.
  • Regular payrolls and off-cycle runs can be created.
  • Clicking the Run Payroll button in the Payroll Center starts the payroll and takes a snapshot of the employee data.
  • Be sure all your changes and additions are entered prior to starting your payroll.
  • You can reset the payroll if needed to pull in fresh data. This will remove any additions and changes you made such as hours entered, additional pay, etc.
  • Additional pay can be added via the file upload feature in the Payroll Center or directly by employees for expense reimbursements.

Payroll Center - Step 1

  1. Step 1 of the Payroll Center is the hours entry page.
  2. Wages can be edited here if the employee should receive a different amount for the payroll period.
  3. Wages can be set to zero for all employees if the payroll is a specific type of pay out such as a bonus payroll run.
  4. If using TRAXPayroll's Time Sheet option, you will click 'Get Approved Hours' to bring them into Step 1. Otherwise, key them in.
  5. If hour fields are grayed out for employees, that means they do not have a wage rate for that hour type or it is not entered on their employee record.
  6. Once hours are entered, there is a preview report to quickly review all hours are correct.
  7. Employees who are not marked to be included in payroll or who do not have active wage and demographic records will not show up in the payroll run.
  8. If an employee is missing from the payroll run, select them from the drop-down and click the Add Employee button.
  9. Their wage and demographic records need to be active as of the pay date.
  10. If a employee's data is incorrect such as their demographic record or overtime rate that cannot be updated during the payroll run, you can remove the employee from the run and add them back using the drop down once their data is updated in the Employee tab.

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