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Payroll Center Run Payroll - Step 2


  • Step 2 of the Payroll Center is where extra pay is entered and one-time overrides are done.
  • Global updates are available in Step 2 to make changes to the entire payroll run such as overriding federal withholding elections to a flat percentage for bonus pay outs.
  • Deductions and hour benefit accruals can be suppressed.
  • Additional pay checks can be added for employees.

Payroll Center - Step 2

  1. To add extra pay types to an employee, enter the amount in the Extra pay -1 field and select the pay type from the drop down list.
  2. Negative wages can be entered to correct incorrect pay types as long as the overall net pay is zero or more.
  3. Click the 'Save Changes' button.
  4. Up to three extra pay records can be added per employee by clicking the Edit link.
  5. One-time changes are made using the Edit link to update individual withholding elections, tax frequency, deductions, etc. This affects the current payroll only.
  6. Additional checks can be added for employees. They are separate pay checks, so they can be taxed differently if needed.
  7. A report of additional pay entries is available for review.
  8. Once you've entered additional pay and have made any necessary changes, click the 'Calculate Payroll' button to be taken to Step 3.

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