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Payroll Center Run Payroll - Step 3


  • Step 3 of the Payroll Center is for reviewing the data for accuracy before approving it.
  • Multiple reports are available for review.
  • If changes need to be made, the payroll can be canceled so you can make edits.
  • All the data will be intact, so you can make changes needed without losing what you've entered.

Payroll Center - Step 3

  1. Each employee is listed with their wages, taxes, deductions and net pay.
  2. Employee names are links to their unapproved pay stubs so you can easily review them for accuracy.
  3. The amount of the payroll debit includes direct deposits, employee and employer taxes, collectible garnishments, if any, and fees.
  4. Garnishments for tax levies, child support, etc. can be set up to be collected and paid by TRAXPayroll.
  5. They are considered collectible deductions and are included in the payroll debit so we can pay them on your behalf.
  6. Uncollected deductions such as for health insurance, 401(k), etc. are not included in the debit, they stay in your bank account for you to distribute as needed.
  7. A variety of reports are available to review for accuracy prior to approving the payroll.
  8. If changes are needed, click the Cancel button.
  9. You will be taken back to the Payroll Center to continue the payroll.
  10. All data entered will be preserved.
  11. Once payroll is approved, the status of the payroll is 'Pending'. It will stay in this status until it's processed on the due date.
  12. You can approve payrolls in advance of the due date and they will not be processed until the due date.
  13. The Pay Date is shown on the Approve button for easy reference.
  14. A confirmation email will be sent to the approver.
  15. Other admins can receive the approval email also if they are marked as such in the Company Users tab.
  16. A second confirmation email will be sent to the approver when the payroll is processed by TRAXPayroll.

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