Ancillary Fees
Fee Schedule
Additional Fees/One Time Fees Amount
1099 Company Base Fee $25.00
1099 Employee Creation & Mailing $12.00 each
1099 Outside of Payroll $25.00 each
Accounts in 'Applied For' Status Over 60 Days $100.00 per month
Additional Bank $50.00 each
Additional W-2 (address change) $10.00 each
Additional W-2 (correction) $125.00 each
Additional W-2 (re-print) $7.00 each
Additional YTD Entry $200.00 per file
Amended Quarterly Reports or Replacement Reports $125.00 each
Bank Correction Fee $10.00 per correction
Bank Deposit Trace $25.00 per request
Bank Stop Check Payment $35.00 each
Collections Return Item $30.00 per request
Correct Payroll Administrator error $100.00 per incident
Custom Reports/Custom File Feed $200.00 per hour, $200 minimum
Custom Reports/File Feed Changes $200.00 per hour, $200 minimum
Direct Deposit Item Deletion $30.00 per request
Direct Deposit Return (Failure) $20.00 per request
Enrollment Additional per state fee $50.00 per State
Extended Access $200.00 per month
Filing Fee for Reports after Termination $30.00 each
Garnishment collection and remittance $10.00 per garnishment per cycle
Missed Payroll Processing Deadline $25.00 per request
Payroll Processing Exception Fee $100.00 per request
Payroll Recalled Item $125.00 per item returned
Prenote Return Fee $3.50 per correction
Research/Problem Solving $100.00 per hour
Returned Item $125.00 per item returned
Reverse wire $20.00 per correction
Same Day ACH Payroll Processing Fee (cannot guarantee delivery) $200.00 per request, $2.00 per ACH
Special Bank ACH Transfer $20.00 per request
Third Party Sick Pay Fee $25.00 per request
Void Employee Payroll $10.00 per request
W-2 Company Base Fee $25.00
W-2 Employee Creation $4.00 each
W-2 Employee Mailing (terminated employees will receive mailed W-2s) $4.00 each
Wire Fee $35.00 per wire received
Wire Received after Deadline $20.00 each
Zero Payroll Reports $30.00 each
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